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Careers at Lucy's Pop Choir!

Does this sound like you?


A friendly character


A hilarious personality 


The life of the party


Super fun to be around




A great singer



How about a degree or experience in musical theatre or singing?

And a car with a full UK Driver's Licence?

If you're saying yes so far then you're in the right place...

Would you like a career that you love and are passionate about, a job that is so much fun that it makes your face hurt from smiling, and a team to work with that are like family instead of 'colleagues'? 

If you're the right person for us you'll be all of the above qualities as well as being a great people person, fun and cheerful, robust and willing to learn, and prepared to have the job of a lifetime! 



You'll be well looked after and trained in such a way that you'll grow your own personal skills, and get the help you need to make your goals, dreams & aspirations a reality. Besides, a job should be something you look forward to every day, not dread! 

You'll get to work with an amazing community of people, and your choir will become like your family. You'll get a constant buzz from how much the choir enjoy it and especially when you see how much your work is helping them. 

Choirs aren't just about singing.

They facilitate communities, friendships and provide stress-relief for the incredible members who work in schools, hospitals or do full time parenting and just need a break! 





Your choir come in all flustered or stressed, or just tired because they've had a busy day at work. You make them smile, you get them chatting and singing with their new friends, and by the end of the session, they're laughing, smiling, high as a kite and ready to take on the world! YOU did that, and it's the best feeling ever! 

If you're completely in love with the idea of running a choir then we'd love to hear from you. 

Drop us an email, no matter where you are in the UK, and we can have a chat. 

Get ready to take the next step towards a happy and fulfilled life with Lucy's Pop Choir!

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