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You’ve been tasked with improving workforce wellbeing, and you don’t quite know where to start…


Well don’t worry pal, we got you covered! Because if there’s one thing we know… it’s singing & making people feel awesome!

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If not, read on! 


Benefits of singing


Here are all the boxes that singing workshops will tick

Reduce stress & anxiety

Improve immune system



Create community

Increase ability to handle pain

Lower blood pressure

Improve sleep patterns

Emoticons Wink copy.png

Produces oxytocin 

(That's the same

hormone you

get from sex!)

Improve posture

Help process

Improve social connection & trust

Boost happy hormones

Boost creativity

Improve mental alertness & boost productivity

A natural

Most of these benefits speak for themselves, but if you need help to visualise it, then imagine it with me...

Your team, come out of their singing workshops feeling sky high, laughing together at the bonkers but incredible experience they’ve just shared, and ready to go take on the world!


Simply being in the workshop has allowed their brains time to switch off,

relax, and ignore the ongoing stresses of life.


The process of engaging their brain in an activity has allowed problem solving and creativity to carry on working in other parts of the brain while they were singing, meaning they can come back to work rested, energised, and with new ideas to tackle your business needs.


Their immune systems are boosted, they’ve lowered their blood pressure, they’ve engaged in relaxing breathing techniques, and they’ve improved their posture.

And while all those amazing things were happening, they didn’t even notice it, because they were too busy laughing and enjoying themselves!


I mean, what boss wouldn’t want that for all their employees eh!?


Why us

I know what you’re thinking…

‘I bet half my workforce don’t sing and wouldn’t want to sing in front of their colleagues!’


And there, you’d probably be right… but that’s where our super duper choir directors come in.


Honestly, if they weren’t choir directors,

I reckon they’d be stand up comedians!


They will make those sessions come to LIFE! And trust me, your group will be BUZZING afterwards, regardless of their singing ability!

“Went in dreading it… came
out thinking I could
re-form the Supremes!
And I literally can’t sing!”
"The session was great. I felt really comfortable. It was so much fun and my brain switched off from the real world."
"I really enjoyed the singing session. For me, it was a highlight of our away day - even though I have a terrible singing voice!"

On a scale of 1-10 of confidence,

over 80% went into our workshop feeling like a 5 or less.


But over 86% came out feeling like a 6 or more!


It’s what we do best! It’s our motto after all…


‘Sing more, worry less’!

Tailored to 'non singers'

The sessions are specifically tailored to ‘non-singers’.

Meaning they won’t be asked to sing on their own, they won’t be given any scary sheet music that they don’t understand, our songs will be nice and simple but super fun.

We can work with you to choose song(s) from our repertoire that will match your aim for the day.

For an extra fee, we can also use song(s) of your choice.

Experienced Leaders

Our choir directors have years of experience running local choir sessions and helping our members to sing, giggle, and forget about the stresses of work & family life!


You can trust us to be able to ‘read the room’ and ensure that we’re getting the most out of your group without terrifying them!  

We can even edit our sessions on the go to make them more challenging, if we feel the group can handle it!


Need more persuading?

Have a read of our 3 mini-guides on why singing is completely awesome, even if you're a rubbish singer!


Read our mini-guide to learn how these incredible benefits can transform your life, and why your love of singing shouldn't stay confined to the shower any longer! 🛀 ❌

bored telly.jpeg

I'VE FINALLY FOUND PROOF!! 🤩 Choir is better 'rest' for your brain that watching the telly! 🤯 

CANCEL YOUR NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION! 😱 Just kidding. Don't go that far 😂


So you've been told you're naff at singing... WHO CARES! 😏

Discover why it doesn't matter, and what you can do to check your friends weren't exaggerating... 


Our Packages

In all of our packages, we’ll work with your groups to:

Talk them through some basic singing tips and tools

Do some hilarious & functional ice breakers

Work out whether their voice is best suited singing higher, lower, or somewhere in between.

Find a song (or several) that is super fun, nice and simple, and will get them so pumped that they’ll forget their nerves!

Work towards an optional performance together




3 hours, either morning or afternoon.

Groups of up to 50 people per session.

Optional performance 


Away days

Wellbeing days

One off events




6 hours

Groups of up to 50 people per session.

Optional performance


Away days

Wellbeing days

One off events




6 x weekly 1 hour sessions with an optional performance £700


12 x weekly 1 hour sessions with an optional performance £1300


Ongoing wellbeing

Wellness rewards & incentives

Wellbeing provision at work

Need something more bespoke?
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