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Our prices

Our choir costs €10 a session*, and you pay at the start of each half term

(which is roughly between 5 & 7

weeks at a time)


We meet school term time only

That's 38 weeks of the year

* 15% student discount available from January 2023

* For our UK prices please click here

So what does that get you?

Access to as many sessions a week as we have in your area

More sessions per year than other leading choirs

We guarantee you'll be laughing & feel better each week or your money back

Our magic choir formula & regular socials will help you make new friends more easily

Perform at exciting local and regional events

Advice & help with vocal technique

Perform with us in 'flashmobs' each year

A whole load of health benefits to singing

Want some more detail?

The payment each half term covers you for the rest of that period. 

We run 3 terms a year (same as schools, plus a bit extra in summer).


It works out at €10 a session, and we meet for 38 weeks of the year.

Payments can be made each half term via bacs and details of how and what to pay will be sent out via email.


If you ever need to cancel, you can just email us and let us know. 


There's a small admin fee if you cancel part way through one of the 3 terms, but no fee if you cancel before the start of a new term. 

Calling all students!

We're SO excited to announce that from January 2023 we'll be offering a 15% student discount on our membership!

That makes each choir session cost just €8.50*.

Get yourself booked on for your free taster in January now!

*All we need is proof that you're a student! Yay!

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