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Meet our team

Lucy McLean
Founder of Lucy's Pop Choir

Lucy is the choir's slightly bonkers Founder. Lucy started the choir in 2013 and since then, the choir family has just grown and grown!

Lucy wanted to create a choir with a super fun atmosphere, where lots of giggles are had and anyone can come along! This community approach has been a big hit and despite being a 'casual' choir, they sound incredible! 

Throughout lockdown in 2020 & 2021, Lucy kept very busy advocating for choirs across the UK alongside many other choir directors when the government guidelines were treating choirs unfairly in comparison to other sectors. She even appeared on Good Morning Britain as part of the campaign to allow choirs to meet together again. 

Lucy is also a trained vocal coach & teacher and has trained with some of the best voice teachers in the world through the Institute for Vocal Advancement

Lucy's goal with the choir is to keep spreading happiness and joy through laughter and singing. Best job ever!

2020-10-27 21.25.46.jpg

A bit about Emily...


Emily Hughes

Peterborough Choir Director

Name: Emily Hughes


Which sessions do you run:  Mondays (Marholm) & Tuesdays (Werrington) in Peterborough


Go to Karaoke Song:Somebody to Love by Queen


A little bit about you: I'm Lucy's sister! Alongside all my choir shenanigans, I also run The Parent Guide to GCSE's, which helps parents figure out how in the heck to help their kids win at GCSE's without nagging them. 


Top 3 artists of all time: Pink, Green Day, Queen


Favourite thing about choir: Listening to all you lovely lot singing together!!


A random fact about you: I can play lots of instruments... badly. 

A bit about Rosie...


Rosie Doonan
Bradford & Leeds 
Choir Director

Name: Rosie Doonan

Which sessions do you run: Leeds & Bradford


Go to Karaoke Song: River Deep Mountain High!


A little bit about you: Yorkshire born and bred, from Shakey Wakey and now residing in Shipley. I worked as a touring / session singer for 15 years around the world. LOVE making music and I'm. massive GOT / Lord of the Rings fan!


Top 3 artists of all time:  Nina Simone, Feist & Aretha Franklin


Favourite thing about choir: The best thing is the community spirit among the members. They're incredible inclusive and welcoming and everyone leaves with a smile on their face. It's amazing how singing brings us all together and makes us ALL feel the better for it!


A random fact about you: I performed on Jools Holland with Peter Gabriel and an excellent orchestra! 

A bit about Hannah...

20170821_125045 (1)_edited.jpg

Hannah O'Rourke
Maynooth Choir Director

Name: Hannah O'Rourke


Which sessions do you run:  Maynooth in Ireland!


Go to Karaoke Song: Unpopular opinion.......I can't stand Karaoke!!! If you had to twist my hand it would be All That Jazz from Chicago


A little bit about you: During the day I'm an Occupational Therapist working with people who have suffered a brain injury. I used to run the Leeds choir until I met an Irish man and he whisked me away to Ireland!! When I'm not at work or choir, you can find me up a mountain, on a long walk, or watching trashy TV (I have MANY guilty pleasures!!).


Top 3 artists of all time: Coldplay, Emeli Sandé or anything from a musical.....The Greatest Showman soundtrack would be up there!


Favourite thing about choir: It's something so different from my day to day job which can be very intense. No matter how tough a day it's been or how tired I am, I feel completely buzzed at the end of a session. It's great seeing how much people get enjoyment from just being together and achieving something.


A random fact about you: I absolutely love musicals.......I went to see Wicked 4 times in 1 year.

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