Meet our team

Lucy McLean
Founder of Lucy's Pop Choir

Lucy is the choir's slightly bonkers CEO, Founder, & is also the director of the two York Choirs. Lucy started the choir in 2013 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. 

Lucy wanted to create a choir with a super fun atmosphere, where lots of giggles are had and anyone can come along! This community approach has been a big hit and despite being a 'casual' choir, they sound incredible! 

Throughout lockdown in 2020 & 2021, Lucy kept very busy advocating for choirs across the UK alongside many other choir directors when the government guidelines were treating choirs unfairly in comparison to other sectors. She even appeared on Good Morning Britain as part of the campaign to allow choirs to meet together again. As well as her TV debut, Lucy also had an article written about the situation facing choirs on BBC News, and appeared on numerous radio shows including BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Cambs & BBC Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine. 

Lucy is also a highly trained vocal coach & teacher and has trained with some of the best voice teachers in the world through the Institute for Vocal Advancement. Lucy & the team at Lucy's Pop Choir regularly take voice lessons to continue improving their voices.

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Emily Hughes

Peterborough Choir Director

A bit about Emily...

Emily is Peterborough's choir director. She has been part of various choirs for many years and has always had a huge love for singing! She is also Lucy's sister, so you can be sure the slightly bonkers & hilarious shenanigans will continue!

Emily is a trained Maths teacher, but when offered the opportunity to start a choir in Peterborough, she just couldn't hold back! The Peterborough choir did so well that we soon launched a second session in the area. Emily also runs her own business helping parents to decipher the madness of GCSE's through The Parent Guide to GCSE's. Which you should totally check out because it's awesome. 

A bit about Kate...

Kate joined our choir team during lockdown 2020 and bless her, it took ages before she could actually meet any of our lovely choir members! But, she stuck with us, through thick and thin, and when were finally able to relaunch our choir sessions, Kate was an instant hit! Kate has a background in musical theatre and just loves a good sing and a giggle which made her a perfect match for us. Kate is currently helping Lucy in York with running the choir sessions.

In her spare time she looks after her two gorgeous greyhounds, Arthur & Evie (no seriously, they're super cute), and she also goes skateboarding, because she's just that awesome!


Kate Pink
York Choir Director


Rosie Doonan
Bradford Choir Director

A bit about Rosie...

Rosie runs our Bradford & Leeds sessions, and honestly, she's so flipping cool. Rosie has sung backing vocals for the likes of Birdy, and has even made her own music video! Told you she was cool. 

Rosie's teaching style is absolutely wild and you are guaranteed to spend your session laughing! She just loves all things choir and we're super chuffed to have her on our team.